One lady was taking quetiapine 200 mg daily at 11 pm. She stayed clear of nursing from 11 pm to 7 am each day. Breastmilk examples were colleted at 4 am, 8 am and also 11 pm daily for 26 days. The ordinary quetiapine focus in her breastmilk were 11.7 mcg/L, at 4 am, 5.4 mcg/L at 8 am, and 0.9 mcg/L at 11 pm. The authors estimated that her baby would obtain a max of 0.37 mg/kg daily as well as a median dose of 0.1 mg/kg daily, which would mean 0.017 % and also 0.005 % of the weight-adjusted parental dose, respectively.

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Little one Levels. A 3-month-old baby who was breastfed 6 to 7 times daily throughout parental usage of 400 milligrams daily of quetiapine had a plasma quetiapine level of 1.4 mcg/L. This degree was 6 % of the mother's quetiapine plasma degree at the exact same time.

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In a study of 9 ladies taking quetiapine in a typical dosage of 37 milligrams everyday (range 6.25 - 100 milligrams everyday), simulations of baby direct exposure suggested that the infant would be anticipated to achieve serum concentrations <0.6% of the maternal serum quetiapine concentration.

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